About Alzheimer's Helpers

We are a State of Florida certified 501 (C) (3) non-profit public charity.  In 1997 this movement was created to enhance the life of Alzheimer’s patients. It began its humble beginnings with raising $149.00 and now after a decade of service our annual budget is $24,000.00, which needs to be increased due to the demand and acceleration of the disease and requests for assistance.  Presently this organization is run solely by volunteers which number over 20 and they touch the lives of hundreds of patients throughout twelve nursing homes in Lake and Sumter Counties.  We try to zero in on patients that have no one, no family that could or would go the extra mile for them.

What We Do ~ Outreach

Each month we coordinate outings and events, which include the following:

Luncheons at a local cafeteria.  Where bus loads of patients will arrive and be moved off the bus in their wheelchairs and then into the restaurant where they can experience the simple pleasure of eating out just like everyone else.

Going shopping for clothes, or Christmas or Mothers/Fathers Day

Ice Cream Socials ~ where patients are gathered and given large ice-cream sundaes with all the goodies on top, while being entertained by the founders (Bill & Anna Marie Fay) dressed up as clowns known as Miss Tootles and Hobie.  While enjoying their ice cream they are provided music by local talent, which the Alzheimer’s Helpers pays for.

What We’ve Provided

As funds permit, we provide tools that relieve (for moments in time) anxiety, depression and lack of self-worth.  These tools help re-ignite the feeling of “I can do something – I do have a purpose”Pleasures that work!

Baby dolls holding a baby doll and rocking in a rocker gives the person whether female or male the feelings of nurturing – of giving of themselves to another person.

Mobile Gardens – these gardens are on carts with grow lights where the people get to plant seeds and see growth from their own hands. 

Special mattresses – these mattresses move the patient and cost over $3000 but the value to a bed-ridden Alzheimer’s patient with bedsores is immeasurable.

Gliding rockers – movement is mind-pleasing

Activity Aprons these aprons are placed over the individuals and provides hours of satisfaction dealing with the sense of touch.  There are patches of silk, satin, fur, etc. that the patient can relate to from days of the past.

What we desire to provide

Music therapy – even if the mind is impaired, the spirit relates to music.

Massage therapy – who wouldn’t love a back or foot rub periodically?

Training for Certified Nursing Assistants on the caliber of care which will give the Alzheimer patients a sense of dignity

True Story ~ An Alzheimer's patient from the disaster area of Hurricane Katrina was transported to Florida for care.  She had seen 38 of her friends drown right before her eyes.  She was one of the people in the nursing home that flooded.  As the people in her new nursing home here in Florida were working with her it was discovered that she had broken her hip a number of years ago, but because she was a dementia patient she was just put to bed to stay there until she died.  The present care-giving staff knew that there was potential for this patient to walk if she only had this special chair (one that surrounds the individual, while they take a few steps and then can sit down).  Anyway, they called us (Alzheimer’s Helpers) and asked if we could pay for and provide this chair for this special lady, so we did what we really desire to do and met that need.  The woman is now walking.

If you look down deep into yourself and you find that you have the desire to make someone else’s life have somewhat of a meaning, please entertain replicating what we do here in central Florida in your own neighborhood, city or state. 

It’s time to start these organizations nation wide.


To Contact or Contribute please write to:

Alzheimer’s Helpers Inc.
C/O Bill Fay
871 Vindale Road
Tavares, FL 32778

Email: ahifay@embarqmail.com


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